Lee & Marc

Marc and Lee are the kind of couple that make you believe in love. They’re super chilled human beings where every meeting felt simple, easy and fun. I knew straight away that that was the kind of experience we wanted their family and friends to feel; a relaxed, intimate and fun day filled with world-class hugs, bad dance moves, cocktails, yummy food and the famous 3 cakes!

Zonzo set the spectacular scene for Marc and Lee’s wildly romantic nuptials and Yarra Valley reception. The ceremony styling was simplistically refined to complement the delicate native splendour of the Yarra Glen region. Vows were exchanged in the winery’s modest barn, where raw hardwood textures accentuated the luscious green foliage and ivory floral installation that adorned the wine barrels.

I am so thankful to these guys who entrusted me to create this unforgettable moment in their love-story, and I thank them for being a super chill couple and making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Thanks to Genelle at Immerse Photography  for the always epic shots!