Marae & Dan

She’s my favrouite cousin and someone who more than anyone I had hoped would find the love of her life. You only had to be there to witness the pure love and joy of the day in which tears of happiness flowed as often as the drinks.

“You would never again witness anything like this again” my 88 year old grandmother said to me as she looked over the festivities of the day with nothing but merriment on her face. A festival of love was the theme, featuring Tuscan marquees, a vegan feast, a magician, live bands and a didgeridoo, hammock city, lawn games, a swing, and a canoe ride into the sunset – trying to explain it to anyone who wasn’t there was difficult as you couldn’t comprehend the atmosphere in which exuded an experience of a unique combination of music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation, healing and above all LOVE.

My talented Auntie Wilma was the creator and designer of Marae’s flawless wedding dress as she dyed pearls and embodied flowers into her skirt from her own wedding gown. Topped off with all native florals for an organic and stunning setting.

I had the pleasure of not only being the event stylist but being apart of the THIRTY FOUR person bridal party and standing beside Marae and Daniel was one of the proudest moments of my life thus far.

Shot by my favrouite camera man Daniel Milligan, it was definitely a day we’ll never forget.

Love you guys xx